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What can Casino Junket Vacations do for you?

We offer hassle free personalized service. Our staff has many years of casino and travel experience and always ready to answer your questions.

Many people are now trying their hands at online poker. Using online guides to find which poker sites are best saves you time researching them yourself.

Online Casinos?

An Online Casino is a great way to fine tune your skills and we whole heartily recommend using one, however nothing quite beats the adrenaline rush of winning on the river to take the pot or getting that mythical royal flush in a room full of people and that's where the Casino Junket come in. Playing at online casinos gives you the chance to practice your gambling skills before you make the trip to Canada so you never have to leave home unprepared. You can also play at much lower stakes, in order to practice before you’re ready to start making the kinds of wagers that are accepted in land-based casinos. Canadian online gambling is going through a purple patch right now. Canucks can enjoy roulette, slots or blackjack from the comfort of their own home any time of the day.Best online guides

What is a casino junket?

If you want to be treated like a high roller and can travel within two weeks of the time a casino junket announces their departure from your city, then you need to enjoy a great trip and take advantage of the casino junket system!

In its simplest terms, a junket is a cheap or free trip to a casino or similar establishment on the guarantee that players will gamble for a specific period of time or wager a specific amount of money.

Your junket host will let you know what is included but your airfare should be part of the deal. If you have previously played at the casino, it’s likely it will be complimentary. This is one of the best deals available for the recreational gambler.

Upon your arrival you are also likely to receive two complimentary meals per day for the duration of your stay. The casino will of course, provide your accommodation free of charge along with all transfers to and from the airport.

Sound like fun? Well, it is! The casino junket is probably the most inexpensive way to visit your favourite gambling destination and you will undoubtedly find that if you are receiving a complimentary airfare and junket invites, you are a player the casino wants to keep as a valuable client and see you with some level of frequency.

When you visit the casino you should enquire about how you can earn complimentary vouchers for the gift shops, steak houses and any invitations to upcoming invitational tournaments for a select group of players.

Junkets are inexpensive and fun plus they are a great way to meet other like-minded gamblers from your home town. Casino junkets are not the only way to go of course, but if you are a rated player and a favourite of a particular casino, it is certainly the smartest way.

The Mississippi and New Jersey Casinos are notorious for their junkets, so if you gamble but you aren’t on one of these, you need to find out what it takes to be included on the guest list for the next one departing from your home town

What is a qualified player?
How do I receive Casino complimentaries?

Working with a licensed Junket affiliate we are able to provide your room, meals, etc. "comped" or at a special casino rate based on your play. If you are a minimum $50.00 table player or a $1.00 slot player we may be able to offer you "comps" up front! Complimentaries are based on your average bet plus hours played on the table games or the amount of coin that you put through a machine. Casino "comps" are not based on win/loss but rather on the "action" you give the casino. The ultimate decision on comps is based on the host Casino, but as a Casino Junket customer we do represent you even after the trip! Contact us for additional information.

Questions about casino comps?

Q.  You always mention in your mailers" Free for Qualified Players". What is a "qualified player"; how do I become one and how do I find out if I am "qualified" for a comp trip?

A.  All casinos use a rating and tracking system to determine the theoretical profitability of a customer. Each customer's gaming activity, while playing table games, is tracked and rated by the casino pit supervisors. Based on the players Average Bet and Time played and "house advantage" of the game played, the casino uses a formula to determine what they should have statistically won from the player. The casino can then determine what portion of this "theoretical win" can be reinvested in the customer.

For an example: A $50 average bet blackjack player playing about 4 hours per day will, on average, statistically lose about $150.00 during the gaming session. (The comp value for slot players is determined by total amount of coins played. This is why we always encourage you to use your rating card each and every time you play slots. We also suggest that couples use same account number on each rating card. Your combined play usually generates more comps.)

Most casinos "reinvest" about 35-40% of this "theoretical winnings" in the customer for comps for room, food, beverage, shows and airfare reimbursement. Generally speaking, the player's actual win or loss is not a factor when the comp limits are calculated. (Of course, if a player losses a significant amount of money in a very short time, allowances can be made for comps) In this example, the "theoretical win" shown in this example of $150 would earn the player about $60.00 in comps. (Please note: Actual results will vary based on many other factors not brought out in this example)

Now the question is: What does this $60 in comps buy you. At some casinos where room rates are lower (especially during of-season and mid-weeks) this may be sufficient to earn you a complimentary room. In some high end casinos, this may not even qualify you for a casino rate! So, it is important to know and understand your potential comp value AND the cost of the goods and services that you expect from the casino. Obviously it takes more comps (higher average bet and more time played) to get a suite at The Venetian instead of a standard room at a lower tier casino.

The player's comp value will apply to room charges, meals and other "in-house" expenses. Any remaining comp value may be applied to airfare reimbursement or other "hard costs" that you want the casino to comp for you.

That is why we always ask that you call us to check what your comp status at any of our casinos may be. We may be able to offer you full RFB status at one casino but only a room comp at another. We will always do our absolute best to make sure that you always receive your full comp value and we will always suggest to you the best casino for your level of play…But, of course, the final determination is yours to make!

A new feature is being offered by some casino today…"portable comps". This means that the comps you do not use for your current visit can be accumulated for use on a future trip or can even be redeemed for merchandise or other nice rewards at a future time. Think of your comps as a deposit being made to your "debt" account for use at your discretion. For example: You earn $300 in comps on a visit to Harrah's Las Vegas but your expenses are only $200 for this trip. This leaves you with a $100 in your comp account that you may choose to use at any Harrah's property or leave in your account for use to purchase merchandise, gift certificates, etc. Harrah's and Foxwoods are offering these "portable" comps.

Q.  The casino sends me an invitation for a free meal at the steak house or a free three night's stay at their hotel. What does this actually mean?

A.  This is a great question since this issue seems to cause the most confusion with players. The bottom line is "There ain't no free lunch". The comps the casino provides "up front" to you is "charged" to your comp folio account. What ever your play during the current trip generates in comp value is first applied to the up front comps already provided by the casino. In other words, do not necessarily expect to receive an airfare reimbursement this trip, thinking that your room was "free". In cases where the casino (or Junket Tours) provides your air up-front, this too is posted to your account and is deducted before any additional comps can be extended. It is, however, extremely rare that a casino would ever ask a player to pay actual money to cover up-front comps… even if play during the current trip was not sufficient to cover cost.


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